Logo officiel des championnats du monde
Logo officiel des championnats du monde

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smith creekDate: 7-12-14 to 7-19-14

Time: Various Times please check

Location: Smith Creek Playa. Southwest of Austin, NV. (Lander)

Description: The International Federation of Sand & Landyachts (FISLY) sponsors World Championships every two or three years and has asked its U.S. affiliate, NALSA, to host the 2014 event. NALSA successfully hosted the 2002 World Championships in southern Nevada. Landsailer racing is much like sailboat racing, except far faster, with speeds up to 100 mph and employing technology like the America’s Cup catamarans, such as wing sails. We are expecting entrants from between 10 and 15 countries, including a government-sponsored team from France.  For more information about this event and landsailing check out this video


Phone Number: 408-313-6811

FISLY-NALSA Landsailing World Championships

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